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We Build to Order

  • Custom Fitting
  • Installation
  • Modification
  • Stone Guards
  • Fibreglass Manufacturing & Finishing
  • Mould Making

RnJ Aerofoils Trusted by NZ's Largest Companies

Trusted by Some of New Zealand's Largest
Corporate Clients

Orix Leasing
NZ Post
TR Group
Trucks South
Southern International
Keith Andrews Trucks

R 'n' J Aerofoils is the preferred supplier for Star Trucks International

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What We Offer

  • Airflow Management Kit Specialists
  • Design & Manufacture
  • Truck Aerofoils
  • Truck Cab Extenders
  • Dump Truck (Dumper) Cab Extenders
  • Truck Sun Visors
  • Truck Skirting
  • Truck Side Panels

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Road Tested and Proven

Improved fuel economy can actually make R 'n' J Aerofoils fully cost-effective.

The figures from a test by Mitsubishi prove it!

Mitsubishi Road Test Link

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RnJ Aerofoils Covers All of NZ

R 'n' J Aerofoils features ready-built lines for:

Western Star

We also custom design for individual customer requests!

With today's fuel prices, you can't afford not to!

An aerofoil will not only make your truck look great - it is functional too. You can achieve greater fuel economy through less wind resistance. Aerofoils can also improve truck stability and handling.

From an owner/driver to an entire fleet, check out our great deals!

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